Friday, June 22, 2007

Oh, Freshman!

This afternoon, on our way to the roller rink, I actually heard a student say:

You mean we're using skates? Like two wheels here (hand gesture to signify side-by-side) and two wheels here? (same hand gesture just a few inches behind the first) Wow, I've only ever used the four-in-a-row skates.


david thomas said...


i had one kid who named off a list of about a dozen tricks, and i figured he musta been a pro-skater or something...

"so, you skate a lot or what?"

freshman - "oh, no... its my first time."

made me smile a little bit.

jessica.angela. said...

hahaa. My dad has those skates...the four wheel ones...but not lined up like this, - - - - theyy are more lined up like this = =


Mel East said...

hahah i had sooo mcuh fun david you were so fast

chase said...
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chase said...

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