Thursday, June 14, 2007

My New House

I'm moving out. I'm renting a place from my uncle, a few miles from where I live now.
This week it's almost all I can think about:
* What do I need?
* Can I really do this?
* Will people want to come over and hang out?

Apart from living in London, I have never lived on my own...

Here's my list of what I think a house needs:
(I am struggling with calling this a needs list because let's all be honest, I could survive just fine without most of this)--(those in italics would be what I already have)

* couch(es)
* dining room table
* coffee table
* chairs

* microwave
* refrigerator
* washer/dryer
* blender
* toaster
* mixer
* vacuum
* wireless internet
* TV
* Tivo
* DVD player

* sheets
* towels
* pool/beach towels
* dishtowels
* blankets
* bathmat
* hand towels/washcloths


* dishes
* silverware
* trashcan
* cups
* mugs
* Tupperware products
* pots and pans
* cookie sheets
* wooden spoons/spatulas
* colander
* Measuring spoons/cups
* cookie cutters

CLEANING PRODUCTS (for body and home):

* toilet paper
* paper towels
* dish soap
* laundry detergent
* dryer sheets
* trash bags
* cleaning products (sadly, I have not really ever cleaned a house. So I am pretty much completely unaware of which products I would actually need...and what tools I would need to use them)
I am nervous about the first time I will have to:
--clean a toilet
--mop(?) the kitchen floor
--garden (or something) my back patio/yard

* A Christmas tree
* Frames--wall art
* Plunger
* Fly Swatter
* Tools (screwdriver, hammer, duct tape, staple gun)

Am I missing anything? Anyone care to attend a "House-Warming Party"!?


Brian Forsberg said... a toilet isn't hard at all unless you or your guest tend to "blow things up!"

blythe said...

if you don't already own one, you must buy a swiffer.
it makes cleaning fun. !!

also, some 409, steel wool, and a dust mask may come in handy.

Matt Jensen said...

I have your purple coach at my house. That can fill some space.

Julie Hibbard said...

I think a housewarming is a GREAT idea! You're gonna love living on your own!!

Josh(ua) Treece said...

I found both of these books to be somewhat helpful:

Where's Mom Now That I Need Her? and Where's Dad Now That I Need Him?

I found them at Barnes one day. You will also need some bookshelves upon which to place your books and DVDs. And furniture in which to place your clothes.

Pete Di Lallo said...

Bum & I can help...we have tons of stuff in our storage place and in our house that you can use...
you and I will take a ride to Home Depot for basics like tools,light bulbs, kitchen cleaning stuff, buckets (and supplies to wash your own car 'now'),flashlights, batteries from AAA to D, scotch tape, duck tape, trash cans, liners and garden tools, maybe a pot or two with flowers...
Bum has lots of kitchen things she'll volunteer,
and count us in for the house warming gig...
I think we missed your half-birthday party so this can be a pr esent of sorts...

Heather McTaggart said...

OH YEAH....I love setting up a new home...let me know how I can help and expect little "surprises" to be dropped off for your new place! Can't wait...have you chose colors, themes, etc....I am excited for you! SO GREAT GIRL! Ok, count me in to supply some fun stuff! BTW...where?

Annie Smith said...

come to the garage sale on saturday...supposed to be like 30 houses!

Josh Peters said...

new house new house - you need a dog.
are you having roommates?

mainerrr said...

im in for your welcoming!!! and ill bring a plant

Annie Summers said...

Ikea will be your best friend. My house would still be half un-furnished if it wasn't for Ikea. God bless Ikea.