Monday, June 11, 2007

In My Backseat Pt. 2

So, I spent the last hour or so cleaning out the backseat and trunk of my car...
Here are some of the discoveries:

* 2 Boxes of knick-knacks from my desk in the old office (we moved in October)
* 2 Operation board games
* 4 cans of expired Spaghetti O's (they have about a two-year shelf-life)
* 3 magazines from January 2006 (all three covers featured some spin on the Brad-Jen split)
* The O.C. board game
* An Entertainment magazine with Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst on the cover--from Spiderman TWO.
* My text book, notebook and every paper from my final semester of college
* About 14 empty Aquafina water bottles
* A cake pan
* A soccer ball
* A giant bag of pretzels
* 3 empty Anthropologie bags
* A red dress, black tank top, gray pajama pants and a sweatshirt that belonged to one of my C-Group girls from two years ago.
* A Pigeon-language Bible
* A Wildside video camera
* 3 un-given wrapped Christmas gifts
* 6 Message Bibles
* Notebook from PDYM 2005
* A green-and-red striped candy cane
* My Disneyland pass
* Tales of a Fourth-Grade Nothing

Honestly, I should clean out my car more often...


rick said...
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Julie Hibbard said...

Your gas mileage should improve dramatically! My, how times have changed in the Hibbard household! Were any of the Christmas presents mine? How about the cake pan?

Elise B. said...

oh my alice!

Matt Jensen said...

I'm so glad that we use our disneyland passes ALL the time.