Friday, May 25, 2007

Vitamin Water

When I was little, my mom worked during the day. So, during the summer, she would enroll us in EVERY VBS AROUND. I think there was one summer that we were in at least six weeks of VBS.

There is a very distinct VBS-snack-punch flavor (Baptists, Lutherans, Protestants...this flavor is denomination-blind).

Today I re-kindled my mediocre feelings for this flavor. I bought a Defense - Raspberry-Apple Vitamin Water. The taste of vitamin water (all both flavors that I have tried) reminds me of snack time at Vacation Bible School. With every sip I could picture the black-top, craft time, saluting the flag, Bible drills, singing hymns...I could picture the time I was sent home from a friend's house after telling the joke with the word "fart" in it (the one I had learned during VBS).

As the reddish liquid (which, I must give you credit here, Vitamin Water, for my mouth did not have even a hint of the reddish tint typically associated with colored beverages such as Gatorade and Kool-Aid) poured out, my memories came flooding back.

Vitamin Water, I think you owe someone an apology. You have, quite clearly, stolen this recipe and marketed it to unknowing adults. However, I have already made a decision to re-visit your shelf, tomorrow, and try XXX- Açaí-Blueberry-Pomegranate and Revive - Fruit Punch.


Julie Hibbard said...

You LOVED VBS...and it was FREE in those days! Salute the flag, salute the Bible, oh and Salute your Shorts! All such good memories...
Food always makes me have flashbacks to good times...
I am so glad that someone has found a market for watered down koolaid.
I salute the person who thought of that one!!

blythe said...

you haven't blogged since friday??

this is so not like you.
have you been kidnapped?