Sunday, May 13, 2007

Since it is the 13th

Here are a few lists of 13. I would make 13 lists, but who would actually read them?

13 Food Items I Dislike:

1. cinnamon
2. eggs
3. ham
4. cream cheese
5. steak
6. oranges
7. salsa
8. avocados
9. tomatoes
10. celery
11. meatloaf
12. olives
13. salmon

13 Food Items I Love:
1. garlic
2. chicken
3. mac and cheese
4. turkey burgers
5. asparagus
6. green apples
7. broccoli
8. almonds
9. black beans
10. cottage cheese
11. lobster
12. ice cream
13. chocolate milk

13 Places I Would Like to Visit:
1. Ireland
2. Iceland
3. Australia
4. Costa Rica
5. Ukraine
6. China
7. Sweden (the ice hotel)
8. Italy
9. Egypt
10. Greece
11. Spain
12. Cayman Islands
13. Japan


torie said...
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Allison Murray said...

i am incredibly surprised by the things you don't like.

but speaking of things you like...i like you. a lot. =) and I think you are great. And i think it's great we've shared more meals in the last 2 days than the entire time i've been here. We should fix that. =)

Pete Di Lallo said...

14. gotta eat a Di Lallo Burger sometime

Gina said...

I have to agree with your dislikes of 1, 6, 7, 9, 11, and totally #13. The color of salmon grosses me out. The thought of making meatloaf is nasty too! I find it odd that you like cottage cheese, but not cream cheese. I would blog about my dislikes but it would take up the whole page. The likes list would be easier.

Pete Di Lallo said...

I just re-read your dislikes, some of which are steak and meatloaf...
If you go to Montreal rest assured that Di Lallo Burgers are made from grade AAA Canadian cows and pure-blooded home grown Canadian pigs...their burgers include hot peppers which will negate the cow and pig parts...

mainerrr said...

i dont like steak either, and people dont geberally appreciate that aspect of me. glad to know that you might

poncho said...

Well, I do not agree with you on some of the places that you would like to visit. But, some of them are quite swell.

Pete Di Lallo said...

So Poncho,
Which ones do you think are swell???

Are you in the travel business?

Tell us...where have you been that is the swellest??