Monday, May 14, 2007

Movies to See Books to Read

Movies I Want to See:
Gone with the Wind
Wuthering Heights
Citizen Kane
Maltese Falcon
All About Eve
Sunset Blvd
Roman Holiday
Smokey & the Bandit
Some Like It Hot
To Kill a Mockingbird
Lord of the Flies
A Hard Day's Night
The Graduate
Bonnie and Clyde
Easy Rider
Being John Malkovich
The Natural
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Good Morning Vietnam
Schindler's List
Edward Scissorhands
Saving Private Ryan

Books I Want to Read (or re-read):
Wuthering Heights
To Kill a Mockingbird
Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
Lord of the Flies

Any suggestions?


heather.christianne said...

books- the secret life of bees, anything jodi picoult- both for adults and both amazing. also, don't read to kill a mockingbird. and don't re-read it either. it was so boring.

ali said...

i adore like, 90 percent of those movies. can we watch some together please?!

and heather, darling, to kill a mockingbird is one of the best books in history. so good. i've read it three times.

Cathi said...

i just saw the graduate after months of wanting to. it was worth it.

mainerrr said...

we have the movie to kill a mockingbrid, you can more than likely borrow it, or just watch it with me and ali

and i think you should read beloved andddd go check out my own list i made a few weeks ago of book i want to read...

and i heard wuthering heights is really good

and what about:
like water for chocolate
me talk pretty one day
farenheit 451
the giver
catcher in the rye (loveeee it!)

and beloved (soooo goood!!)

Kevin said...

What about 7 Brides For 7 Brothers?

NOTE- I wanted to hate it but the dang dancing and the whimsical story made me a fan.

jessica.angela. said...

well lets start it off with Nacho Libre...

Brent said...

Definitely watch To Kill A Mockingbird and read it. Classic.

Don't waste your time on Being John Malkovich.

Brian Forsberg said...

Fargo is good, but slow at times (yah) and Saving Private Ryan is good too.

Elise B. said...

this is so crazy! (well, it's a tad different.) just this morning i was making a list of books that should be movies! be right back, i am going to get the list!

ok... i am back. these are some FANTASTIC books. if you haven't read them, you should. they should also be movies. here is the list...

Walk Two Moons
The Pearl
Number the Stars
Esperanza Rising

I just started this book... (i don't know if it's very good.. could someohe whose read it tell me?)

Uglies.... it might make a good movie... i don't know if i like the book...

sorry my comments are sooo long lately!

blythe said...

did you finish on beauty?