Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Edward Scissorhands

I watched Edward Scissorhands last night. I had only ever seen it in the movie theater, so it had been a while.

I really enjoyed it. I typically enjoy Tim Burton movies (except for the re-make of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, which I only dislike because Johnny Depp's Wonka feels so much like a pedophile) and so I only assumed I would love this too.

I really love Diane Wiest. She and Alan Arkin play such a great couple. I find it difficult to believe that a husband (let alone the entire community) would be so accepting (initially) of a scissor-handed man that his wife brought home...I don't love Winona Ryder, every time Kim was on screen it made me think of Beetlejuice (which I'm adding to my list--and will probably just purchase).

All this to say that I was really happy with my first choice from the list. I am thinking about renting The Maltese Falcon to watch this afternoon/early evening.


Pete Di Lallo said...

The Maltese Falcon is an excellent movie and would like to watch it with you today...
BUT, the Ducks play the Red Wings at 6:00 PM tonight...you're welcome to come over and watch it with Bum and me...she will be serving:
garlic chicken
cottage cheese
and ice cream and choc. milk...

Kevin said...

Sorry but I totally have to disagree with the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory comment. I didn't like the movie but the part that made it for me was anytime J. Depp was talking. So good.

That and little Willy Wonka trick-or-treating.

david thomas said...

hmmm i love this movie - its one of my favorites.

Brent said...

If I didn't have plans, I would want to hang with Bum and Pete, watching the Ducks game.

Brent said...

Now the real comment:
I'm not a big Tim Burton fan.
Edward Scissorhands is great, as is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory not so much.

ali said...

i LOVE edward scissorhands. love love love love. i've probably watched it 20 times, with and without the commentary. i adore good movies.