Tuesday, November 28, 2006

World Series of Pop Culture #2

Josh Treece, Josh Griffin and myself are planning to audition (and hopefully compete) in the 2007 World Series of Pop Culture on VH1.

Now all we need is a name...any ideas?


BW said...

I'll be rooting for "Alli & 2 Js."

My cousin was actually on the show this year.

jwitt said...

I'm so pleased that you're doing this. I support you in every way. I would like to offer 'Tom Sellecks Mustache' as a team name.

Leigh Sarti said...

Team Name "Da Alli J's Show"

Backup Name: "Borat's Linguistic Crew"

jwitt said...

Question: Who will step up during the music questions? I would guess it would be you. Is this correct?

offroadcamry said...

Oh Mr. Witt... How could you doubt my knowledge of music? Allison is good... and so am I... Although if a Hip-Hop question comes up, and we get a lifeline, I'm calling you...

Cathi said...

This is a brilliant team. I would like to second "Da Alli J's Show"

Jake Rutenbar said...

I believe some fine options would be:

98 Degrees of Knowledge
John Locke's my Dad
Rico Suave
Don't Screw with John Denver
Paddington Bears Best Friends
Boots and Super Cool Explora Dora
Eric LaSalle saved my Life
Balki's Mypos Mayhem (My FAVORITE)

let me know if you'd like more...this is fun