Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lunch Room Fun

So, being that the Student Ministries staff is office-less this week, we all set-up camp in the lunch room for work. At one point, there were 18 of us, each equipped with at least one computer. Those who came in to actually use the lunch room were disappointed with the lack of table space.

We chose to look at the situation as an opportunity for a good time. This began at 9:30am with Kurt Johnston telling the first non-JH-non-HSM staff person to "stop barging in to our office". He repeated the joke and second and third time...each time getting a good response from the receiver...and from myself and Katie.

And so, it became our game. Kurt had a meeting, so I took over the assaulting...then when I left, Jamie took over. Katie kept a running tally of the day's efforts. One point for each person that came in, Executive pastors were valued at 5 points, 10 for Pastor Glen and 20 for Rick Warren.

At the day's end, we had exactly 100 points. I "yelled" at Tom Holladay for barging in. Jamie yelled at both Rick Muchow and Glen.

It was a great laugh for the entire Student Ministries staff.

Any suggestions for tomorrow's lunch room fun?


BW said...

I was expecting to find some little tidbit in this post about how rude I was and that I needed an attitude adjustment.
If you were nicer to Lisa, she might have bought you Starbucks - too bad you kicked her out before she got to that point. :P
You did freak out the intern though. That was funny.

Courtney said...

please intoduce the fart machine today.

or....everytime someone walks in, everyone bow their heads in prayer and have someone start crying. ...that is funny...well maybe to just me, but I giggled!

Johnny Baker said...

I feel left out. I must have walked in there like 10 times yesterday (ADD) and no one yelled at me.

So sad...