Thursday, August 24, 2006

Frustrating Things

I had a very frustrating afternoon. I think mostly because there was so much happening that my head was spinning trying to remember it all. Everything is ready to go...and it will be great.
But in all the madness, this list was created in my head:

1. If you see someone drowning in the weight of their responsibilties, ask if you can help. Even if you won't actually be able to remove any of that weight, just asking makes that someone feel better, feel cared for.

2. Don't ever assume someone is pregnant. Saying things like "How far along are you?" or "Have some cheesecake, it will be good for the baby!" is not helpful to the non-pregnant woman...or your face, because you're about to be punched.

3. I will delete your name from my "Blogs I read Daily" list if you do not blog for more than 2 weeks. Otherwise, I am lying to all of the people who visit my blog. I can not, in fact, read your blog daily, if it's been old for a fortnight.

4. Backing out on an event at the last minute is a crappy thing to do.

5. On the off chance you see 75 waters (still in the box) sitting around, please do not help yourself. Chances are they were purchased for something specific, say a Girl's Day. Taking 3 or 4 waters only means that 3 or 4 of those 75 event attendees will be rather parched because of your selfish entitlement.

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Josh Peters said...

Hell Yeah! Let's burn something!