Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Emergency Compliments

On my birthday, my friend Brian sent me a link to

I clicked through a few and chuckled.

And then I got to this one

and, promptly burst in to tears.
{of course.}

I took a screenshot of it, 
and, then, forgot about it.

Until about a week ago 
when I was searching for a new phone wallpaper

and I saw this...
and it caught me again.

So, now, there it is...
every time I look at my phone.

I think, deep down, I believe it,
but it's taken days of seeing it several dozen times
{I look at my phone a lot}
for it to even begin to feel true.

And I love that it's getting there:
to feeling like the truth.

So I thought I'd share...
Just in case you were in need of some truth, too.